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Re: AT&T 3G Microcell Battery Drain

I believe that I'm having this problem as well. I have an app on my Focus S that graphs battery levels. I've tested this by turning the Microcell tower off for 4 hours and on for 4 hours. The Microcell-on method drained my battery a good twice as fast as the Microcell-off method.


I've been on non-WP7 sites  and there are iPhone and Captivate users complaining about battery drain due to the usage of the MicroCell Tower.


I called AT&T and the representative, Jennifer, basically told me to pound sand. They said that they can't be held responsible for battery drain when using the Microcell tower. She told me that if I were home, I should keep the phone on the charger. She then told me that she could give me Cisco's phone number. I've never been more disappointed. If she'd simply offered to pass my information up the support chain, I'd have been much happier. Such crass honesty sucks!