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Re: AT&T 3G Microcell Battery Drain

I hate back to back posting in forums but this is an update from my testing:


Well I confirmed it is not of issue of Windows Phone using 3G data when WIFI is turned on.  I have had my microcell being monitored in my router for bandwidth.  And all day today it averaged .04 kbps transmitted to AT&T from  my network and .03 kbps received into my network from AT&T.  If is was doing data I would have seen a spike every 1 for email sync and I am not seeing this.  I did not take or receive any calls today on my Focus.
So the issue must be within the 3G connection between the phone and the microcell as I theorized.  Something either in the phone's radio driver or the microcell is causing the phones radio to do some strange things.