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Re: Samsung Infuse G™ (i) - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Software Update

My Experience


1. Read the GTG instructions at

2. I downloaded GTG' (183MB)

3. Unzipped GTG to desktop

4. Installed Mini Keis

5. Run Odin3 v1.7.exe

6. Place phone into download mode (pull battery, replace battery, press and hold both volume buttons while plugging in the USB cable) - This was the hard part
7. Made sure your phone shows up in Odin as COM## (mine was COM8)
8. Click the PIT button and choose infuse.pit (and made sure Re-Partition is checked)
9. Click the PDA button and choose PDA_UCKD5.tar.md5
10. Click the PHONE button and choose PHONE_UCKD5.tar.md5
11. Clicked Start


The process took 3:30 mins.


Once the phone rebooted


1. Ran Keis

2. Keis Showed an update was available

3. Installed update


Once phone rebooted, I noticed:


1. All of my widgets were gone

2. Most of the apps were gone

3. The few apps that remained were all reset as though I had just loaded them

4. All email accounts were gone

5. All phone contacts were still there

6. External SD was intact


Overall a quick solution  and yes this ran on 64-bit Windows 7.


I echo all the posts on the EPIC FAIL of samsung and at&t to deliver this update in a user-friendly manner.

It's sad that customer service is a thing of the past.