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Re: Wifi issue after 2.3.6 update on Atrix 4G
Yeah - I did (1) a factory reset - wiped everything, (2) messed with my router/modem settings, (3) did the power cycle thing, (4) removed the battery and sim card, (5) tried another wifi manager, (6) messed with the Atrix' wifi settings, and (7) then gave up.

Here's what I'm seeing - my wifi indicator (at the top right) will be solid blue, then will go grey/gray, then will be colorless/transparent, then will disappear, as though the adapter is turning off. Then it will turn back on -
it happens every 2-3 minutes. Really friggin' annoying. I've been trying to download some large games and haven't made it to the end, yet.

Keep complaining to them (Motorola/AT&T), they need to get into their heads that the 2.3.6 update was/is rubbish.
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