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What cretin designed the AT&T website?

I've always found the AT&T website nearly impossible to navigate, but this week I had an experience so egregiously  bad that I made a YouTube vid to demonstrate how terrible the website is. The customer service rep who helped me with my issue said that AT&T monitors their calls and therefore should be aware that customers and even reps have difficulty navigating the site.


Anyway, for your viewing pleasure...

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AT&T website? IT's terrible and why can't we give feedback on customer experience?

I have repeatedly asked the customer service people, who I have to call every time I have to deal with the online site because it's ridiculous, WHERE DOES ATT ACCEPT FEEDBACK ON THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE?  Answer?  There is nowhere they ask for, accept, encourage users, customers anyone at all to tell them how they are doing, how their experience is, how they can do it better.  It seems that virtually every other company I deal with both large and small, send surveys, do follow-up calls to check their service levels, ask what you like and what you don't.  How on earth do they expect to ever get better.  I guess they don't care.


This website is far and away the most difficult, non-user friendly, complicated, convoluted, unnecessarily circuitous site I have ever seen in my life.  And it's the ONLY site I have ever encountered that logs you out every time you click from one tab to another.  It is absolutely maddening.


Do they have a department called "Customer Experience"?  If not, they sure as shooting, should.  Do they have a department called Quality Assurance?  Are they measured on customer satisfaction?  Do they even measure customer satisfaction?  I seriously doubt it.  While I am not a programmer per se, I am a highly skilled technical person.  I have created my own websites.  And I know from personal experience that the FIRST thing you consider is what happens when you click A from B = where do you end up?  Never Never Land, requiring another log In is NOT the correct answer.


ATT, get a clue and hire some people to A: ask your customers what WE think and B: fix your website because it's horrendous.  Think of the millions of dollars that could be saved in live customer calls if your website actually worked so that we could do all these things ourselves.