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Re: Windows Phone Update 8107



I understand that AT&T is a large company.  However, when it comes to information about the devices we purchase and use on AT&T, the company is notoriously silent.  This isn't necessary and is vastly counterproductive.  Let me explain.


When AT&T doesn't update at the same rate as other vendors, there are 3 possible outcomes:


Outcome 1 -  The device owner gets frustrated at the complete lack of device support and takes their business elsewhere.

Outcome 2 -  The device owner hacks the device using tools freely available on the Internet.

Outcome 3 -  The device owner grumbles and takes the punishment and does nothing.


All 3 outcomes damage AT&Ts reputation and ability to win new customers in a tough mobile environment.


AT&T must gain better mobility in the wireless market.  One of the few ways to do this is to distinguish device support.  We know billing support won't make it since AT&T is at the bottom of the list of carriers.


AT&T must LISTEN to its subscribers.  This isn't happening or we can't tell it's happening.  The dev and testing teams need to be telling us what is coming down the pike.  It won't harm the bottom line to divulge information on an OS update.  We already know about it from the vendor.  AT&T just needs to tell us the plan.


This is my 7th year with AT&T.  I've been patient with the more advanced devices.  I've hacked them.  I've left them alone.  AT&T has disappointed me with every device.  I'd like a carrier that acts like they care for the smartphone business.  I'd like a carrier that acts like they care about me and my device.  Quit treating me like some sticky goo stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


Do you think you can bring this to the attention of management that can facilitate change?  I'm certain EVERY smartphone owner that relies on AT&T for updates will agree with what I have said.