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Re: Windows Phone Update 8107

All ATT need to do is put up a SINGLE page for their Smartphone devices (WP7 included) and maintain a quick and easy 1-stop location for all the Software Updates being managed by ATT.


So create the Update Table....listing Device / OS / Update version no. then...(examples based on WP7)


1. When an update is announced by an OEM or (more likely) Microsoft - please add it straight to the page!

2. Even just showing you are aware of it helps us (eg there are 2 updates post mango min.)

3. Use the version numbers that line up with the MS Update history - eg 7740 or 8107.

4. Then add a status for them, suggestions being:

     - Update XXXX - Not yet received from MS/OEM

     - Update XXXX - Received from MS/OEM - not yet in test.

     - Update XXXX - In Network testing.

     - Update XXXX - Not Approved - awaiting MS/OEM amendment.

     - Update XXXX - Approved, Scheduling Deployment

     - Update XXXX - Deployed (this should be staged over X period to all users, check via Zune PC client).


How simple is this? Engage your customers and treat them with a little respect. Not like you don't give a #^$* about them and make us all think that "we will get our darn updates if ATT ruddy well feel like kicking some scraps of their table to the rabble".