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Re: Windows Phone Update 8107

Ummm - how do you think Microsoft - who need the Carriers to supply, sell and support their OS - gain the power in the relationship to dictate updates to them?


It was never going to happen. MS have like 5% (if they are lucky) market share. Apple is the IT device. They have captured the consumer imagination, They only sell the one device (yes there are different models of course).


MS on the otherhand - and even Android (with it's fragmentation) have to go through carrier approvals.  Look how even 6m old Android devices may or may not get Ice Cream Sandwhich - or the lack of claroty over some units even moving from gingerbread to honeycomb etc.


The Carriers have the responsibility to make sure their network perfromance is maintained with each update, I just wish they would:


- Communicate

- Engage

- Respect &

- Support


their customers better through this process.  Where is the service guarantee on updates? Where is the clarification of expectations for both parties (customer and carrier - and MS even)...?