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Accepted Solution
Quickfires have been recalled. Read for info on getting a free exchange for a Propel.

I had a problem with my bill so I took it to the AT&T store.  My billing problem was promptly handled, while there I mentioned to the gentleman behind the counter that this phone was really bad.  He nodded and pulled up an electronic update he recently received from the company.


All Quickfires have been pulled from the shelves.  Customers experiencing problems will be supplied with the Propel instead.


I was instructed to call 1-800-331-0500


It took a l-o-n-g time and I had to very politely escalate my issue to several people but after apx 1 hour of discussion I was issued a new Propel that will be here 2 business days.


**my billing problem was with the AT&T Navigation.  I expected a one time charge of $9.99 for the download as well as $9.99 reoccurring monthly access to routes & reoccurring $9.99 for unlimited data access.  In fact I was being charged a $9.99 download fee *every* month as if I were purchasing the app for the first time every month as well as the $9.99 unlimited routes AND the $9.99 unlimited data access plan.  It went on 3 billing cycles before I caught on.  Just sayin...check your bills...