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Quickfire Recall

I talked to an operator for AT&T, then went to two AT&T stores here in Oklahoma to see if there was indeed a recall of the

Quickfire.  The operator said there was and to just go to any store and they would get my granddaughter another phone.

Neither store (in Oklahoma) even knew what kind of phone to replace it with and suggested that we wait until something

happened to her phone (which had already been replaced because of a faulty screen, since Christmas) then we should be

able to get another phone.......I said so if it's out of warranty what do we do and they told me they didn't know.  Absolutely

NO help at all!  They thought it would be replaced with a Propel, but weren't sure.  I have been with Cingular/AT&T for a ton 

of years and I've never had so much trouble getting any answers.  It's frustrating to have to wait for something to go wrong

to possibly get another phone.....probably a refurbished.  We spent a lot of money on her phone!  They "might" give her

a refurbished phone?  Please.......I'm very frustrated at this point!