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Re: iPhone 4s excessive cellular data usage

Kajphotos wrote:
I'm going through the same thing between mine and my wife's phone ..I have been getting killed with data I have everything shut off been on the phone with apple and AT&T tech .. It was told to me buy apple their is a problem with AT&T server s and the new iOS and they won't admit it .. All they keep doing is giving me credit but I have to call them evry 4 or 5 days .im now waiting for a manager to call me back

I see that you have a separate thread over at http://forums.wireless.att.com/t5/Apple-iPhone/Insane-data-usage-with-the-new-iPhone-4s/td-p/2952781... on the same issue, although unlike me, you made some progress with Apple.  I sent you a private message hoping to learn who at Apple helped you, especially since AT&T claims 140MB of data for my phone on Monday, which is completely insane against my actual use.  Others who are having this issue may want to move over to that thread as well so we can keep the issue together.