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Re: iPhone 4s excessive cellular data usage
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DELETE / SIGN OFF from iCLOUD on your iPhones. Seems there is a bug in the iCloud which keeps sending and receiving data on the 3G cellular connection. Also follow these steps as well it has worked for me and I just recieved my iPhone.

Disable Siri, All notifications, Location Services and while on location services disable system services...Turn off fetch new data... in mail, contacts, calendar section, turn off iMessage, Turn off store <- MAKE SURE YOU DO ALL OF THESE TO MAKE IT WORK AND ALSO DELETE RUNNING APPS WHEN YOU'RE NOT USING THEM. KEEP THIS UP UNTIL THERE IS AN UPDATE!

So based on your suggestions... why in the world would anyone have a smartphone or iPhone.  Basicially, you are suggesting they turn off all the features of the phone and use it as a dumb phone.  Why not simply get a Razr at that point??????


I'm not implying some of your suggestions are not logical or realistic, but that's just extreme.




I completely agree with you , If we have to turn off everything then why do I need a smartphone.