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Re: AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th

21stNow wrote:

My question, for those familiar with iTunes unlocking, do you have to have a foreign SIM card in the iPhone to initiate the unlock process?

That's a great question.  I ulocked a 3G through AT&T last week under this new program. Some people on this forum didn't believe me whan I posted that experience   :smileyhappy:


I did have an active foreign sim in the phone.  When the iTunes update finished up popped a message in ITunes that the phone was unlocked and it found AT&T, the foreign carrier's roaming partner.  It also found T-mobile and switched to T-Mob when the AT&T signal was weak.


Don't know what would have happened if I didn't have the foreign sim installed.  I'm assuming" the unlock would have worked anyway as an AT&T sim would have activated the phone.