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Re: AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th
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Not sure I see the issue with bbowen72's chat conversation above. I'm assuming that you are still using your iPhone 4 and never got an upgrade on it? Are you upgrade eligible now, or is your upgrade eligibility the 7/5 date they mentioned? If it the same date, then your contract isn't over until then. That seems to be consistent with their criteria that your device be out of contract and it sounds like your aren't yet.

However, I don't buy the bit about "how apple has outlined the regulations for the unlock codes", implying that Apple makes the decision on who gets unlocked. I can't see that Apple cares one bit about cell phone contract terms since that's between the carrier and individual. I would think that it's up to the carrier to determine when someone is eligible for an unlock and all Apple does is process the request made by the carrier.

I get the impression that although today is supposedly the day, AT&T doesn't seem set up to actually do it today. I can't find any info on the AY&T wireless page about it (it's hard to get past anything not related to buying a phone or plan) and I can't even find a press release on the web page. that they are going to unlock anything. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places on their official sites.

Hopefully, the mods will put a sticky at the top of the forum with the official requirements and process for unlocking.