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Re: AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th
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AT&T is in fact unlocking iPhones.  I now have an unlocked iPhone 3GS.  Here's what I did that worked:


1.  You must have fulfilled a 2-year contract (mine was up in July 2011).  In-contract fellas: wait for your contract to expire.  It's that easy.

2.  You must have purchased the iPhone new from an AT&T store or an Apple retail store and activated a SIM with it at that time (this means that if you yanked one from eBay or some other 3rd party and have never been an AT&T customer, you are not eligible for an unlock).  You will have to actually tell the tech support representative how/where you obtained your iPhone.

3.  You must have an account in good standing (if you have a balance due, pay it).

4.  Understand that, today (8 Apr 2012),  this is news to most AT&T workers, who are working on Easter Sunday (while most of us are probably NOT working today).  You will have better luck sometime during the middle of the week after most of the problems have been ironed out).

5.  You may have to wait a bit -- military folks who are deployed/overseas are getting top priority (as I would certainly expect).

6.  I was NOT told to buy a new iPhone.  If you were told this, then you either did not purchase your existing iPhone new from an AT&T store or Apple retail store, or you haven't fulfilled your contract.  If you did buy an iPhone from an AT&T store or Apple retail store (or authorized dealer), grab your paperwork and head to an AT&T store.

7.  Make sure you use a land telephone line while talking with tech support, and make sure your iPhone is getting a good signal (3G, EDGE or GPRS -- it doesn't matter).

8.  The GSM iPhone 4 was introduced 24 June 2010.  Unless you're God or you can somehow warp time and space, (or you are an Apple engineer and have a prototype) there is no remotely possible way that you can be done with your 2-year contract (you do the math -- by my calculations, 2 years have not yet passed since the GSM iPhone 4 was introduced).


for those having trouble with this:

1.  DO NOT buy a locked iPhone from a 3rd party and expect AT&T to unlock it.

2.  Wait for your contract to expire.

3.  Keep all paperwork/receipts/etc.


Customer service has been very nice to me, most likely because I was nice to them first.  Treat them the way you like to be treated and you will likely get what you want.


bottom line:  If you bought your iPhone from an AT&T or Apple store (and kept your paperwork in case it is needed) and have been out-of-contract (i.e., your 2 years are up), then getting your iPhone unlocked should be no problem.