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Re: AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th

dwill05 wrote:

AIM-9X wrote:

8.  The GSM iPhone 4 was introduced 24 June 2010.  Unless you're God or you can somehow warp time and space, (or you are an Apple engineer and have a prototype) there is no remotely possible way that you can be done with your 2-year contract (you do the math -- by my calculations, 2 years have not yet passed since the GSM iPhone 4 was introduced).


So, are they saying that if AT&T let someone upgrade to a 4S after 18 or 20 months into their iPhone 4 contract, that doesn't count?  That the 2-yr contract on the 4 isn't over until 24 months have elapsed, even though you started a new 2-year contract when upgrading to the 4S?

That doesn't sound right.  Getting an upgrade in accordance with AT&Ts policies should count as fulfilment of the original contract.  The new contact starts immediately, not after the original 24 months are up and then 24 more months gets added on to that.  That implies to me that the original contract is fulfiled, the same way it's fulfiled if you pay the EFT.

The rep was trying to indicate that something like this could be possible, even though I agree with you.  I asked if this means that I technically have two contracts now, one expiring 7/12 and the other expiring 3/14.  That seems unreasonable and unlikely to me.  The rep's answer was somewhat vague.  That's why I'm holding off on my victory dance until the 16th.



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