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Re: iphone first generation unlock - request denied

First gen iPhones are easy to jailbreak. I did so and gave the phone to my wife, who does not need a data plan at all, although she uses the phone occasionally on our home wireless network. After the jailbreak, she signed with StraightTalk and it went smoothly. Had she not acquired the iPhone, she would have signed with StraightTalk using one of our drawerful of old cell phones. So AT&T did not lose business in the exchange.


I think (just my opinion) that a jailbroken first gen iPhone is more functional than one that has just been officially unlocked. There is stuff in the Cydia store that is pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing. The first gen iPhone will not run the latest iOS versions anyway--I think iOS 3.2 is the cutoff. Also, the first gen iPhone can easily be reset to original settings if jailbreaking turns out to not be your cup of tea. I would not jailbreak my later generation iPhones but easily got my unlock reqest for my 3GS in AT&T's system (posted about that elsewhere in this forum). I currently have a 4S under contract with AT&T.