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Sony BD-570 won't connect to AT&T 2 Wire Modem!

The Sony message boards are full of this problem, yet after talking to their tech support (useless) for over 2 hours, no solution, and they say with a straight face this is the first time they've encountered it.  Also spoke with AT&T's (paid; $50 down the drain) tech support people for another 2 hours, and they couldn't solve it.  After waiting 20 minutes to schedule an in-home visit, I decided against throwing good money after bad.  I'm still stuck with no internet connectivity between my wireless BD player and my great, new wireless router!  My old D-Link router worked just fine.


My question to this forum is, has anyone else encountered this problem with the Sony BDP-570 and the AT&T wireless modem/router and found a solution?  I have to believe the answer is yes!  If so and that person is reading this, please help!  I've tried everything I can think of; the only thing left to try is to snake a cable through the attic and hard wire the thing. Ugh...


Thanks in advance!


Johnny T from Texas