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Re: U-verse for BUSINESS? : 2Wire 3600HGV bridge mode? or another AT&T supported VDSL modem?



I realize this is an old thread, but the solution seems to match my needs almost completely.  My need is this:  to the configuration you have mentioned, I need to add another router that connects to wired devices (Dish Network DVR, SlingBox, WII, etc).  To re-state, can I have router A (used for wired connections) connected into my wireless router B which in turn is connected to my U-Verse 3600HGV gateway?


I need router B for its wireless capabilities and wireless print server functions and I need router A so that I have a wired way to connect my non-wireless devices which are in a remote part of my house.


My U-verse service was switched on just yesterday (Internet and VOIP only)


Would appreciate any help.