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Re: Sony BD-570 won't connect to AT&T 2 Wire Modem!

From Sony's firmware upgrade page:


"If the last three digits of the version number are 787 or higher, it is not necessary to install this firmware upgrade."


My BDP reports its current firmware version as M04.R.787.


Ah, well, it was well worth checking in to.  Thank you again for the suggestion BeeBee.


I suppose I should go buy a Eudora, or another BD player to watch streaming video.  It's a shame you don't get what you pay for.  The thing that completely stumps me is the fact that it worked fine with the D-Link router!  Unfortunately I gave it away when I bought the 2 Wire.


Any other thoughts or suggestions before I go lay out more cash?  And one more time, THANK YOU! to everyone who offered advice and suggestions.  This is the most helpful forum I've ever visited!!!


Johnny in Texas