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Re: Sony BD-570 won't connect to AT&T 2 Wire Modem!

Hey BeeBee,


The AT&T tech I had on the phone had me reset the player to default factory settings, and reconnect to the router from scratch.  I still got the "no internet connection" message when it was all done.  I suspect the problem is in the different security protocols between the D-Link and 2 Wire routers.  It works fine with an ethernet cable plugged in, but no dice as soon as it's unplugged.  I did go through the wireless setup with it plugged in, but lost internet connection as soon as I unplugged the cable.


Oh well.  This morning I gave up and bought a Roku.  It works fine.  I really didn't want to spend the extra dough, but at least now I won't be paying for NetFlix and not being able to watch it.


I thank everyone again for your suggestions and your help!


Johnny in Texas