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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts
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This advice is no help.:smileysad:



I am having the same problem,  when I called the wireless number, it took forever to get a person on the phone, when I got a person on the phone, she had NO idea how to help me. She then transfered me to DSL, and after several word prompts, I was disconnected by ATT (it was not my line).


Here are more details on the problem:


In early May my password was compromised and someone began emailing everyone on my account I have tried literally dozens of times to change my password. Unlike Gmail, everything at yahoo is more complex and difficult to do. ATT has a convoluted partnership system, where I cannot change my password with yahoo, at https://edit.yahoo.com/forgotroot/ I have to go through ATT even though I have not had an internet account with ATT for over 4 years. I CANNOT change my password. The only email which is changed through ATT is an account that I have never had: ***@attworld.com.

With Firefox 3.5 browser, on the screen to change my password, https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_profile?intl=us&partner=sbc&.scrumb=OhCQmAiDnix I click "Change your password" and the screen jumps to the top. I cannot change my password.

With internet explorer, I click "Change your password" and I get this error screen: https://edit.yahoo.com/config/?.redir_from=REGISTRATION

Out of desperation I deleted all of my contacts, but this person from Brazil continues to email everyone on my list.

I attempted to change or view my birthday, as listed here: http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/tips/yahoo/change-birthday-yahoo-account-profile.php but no surprise, yahoo's profile button is broken.


When I posted a similar question on yahoo answers:




it was deleted: