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Re: Gas Prices - Ugh!!!!!!
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I read that there is serious consideration being given to allowing the ethanol percentage of gasohol to be increased from 10% to 15%.  Well there goes more of our gas mileage.  When I can buy alcohol free regular I do and our fuel mileage improves about 5%.  But here in Missouri it is getting more and more difficult to find it.  The price per gallon of gasohol is held down by the reduced taxes on the alcohol component and the federal subsidies.  But whatever saving the consumer might realize is at least partially wiped out by the reduced fuel mileage.  This is because a gallon of ethanol alcohol contains fewer B.T.U.'s than an equal amount of regular gasoline.....less energy available to power our vehicles.  So it'll be another hit in the pocketbook.  We have regulations here in Missouri which require that all gas stations stock gasohol.  Only those stations with multiple storage tanks are allowed to also stock and sell regular gas without the 10% alcohol content.


Anyone who is a proponent of E-85....that is fuel which is 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol....should be aware that our state highway patrol is using E-85 in patrol cars.  My neighbor, a 10 year veteran of the patrol, tells me that he gets approximately 83 fewer miles from a tankfull of E-85 than he did with regular gasoline.

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