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Re: Gas Prices - Ugh!!!!!!
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spd2demun wrote:

I didn't do a search, but I heard on TV that our govt. (I think) is planning a 15 cent tax for all states.  That will put a dent in people's wallets, but won't stop them from driving.  I predict holdups at gas pumps. :smileysad:  But I guess the need to stimulate the economy (get more tax $).


Electric/hybrid vehicles aren't the answer either as you'll be needing charging stations, and I'll guarantee you those won't be free!  Think they have a few in Houston now.


Will take a look at prices this afternoon, doubt they've gone down. :smileysad:

I can see the issue with electric cars, being as you said, you'll be needing a charging station eventually (and they are almost impossible to find), but why would hybrid cars need charging stations?  Of course there are plug-in hybrid vehicles that you can charge, but the majority of hybrids charge using the gas engine as a generator, and with Toyota hybrids (and maybe other car companies as well, like Ford) use HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) technology allowing the friction of the brake to create power to charge the battery


Of course a tax increase on gas wouldn't be fun to us hybrid owners either, i'm used to filling up my car for around $20~$25