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Re: Gas Prices - Ugh!!!!!!

Gas running $2.95/gal here.


Phil, may have mentioned this before but you can barely find gas which isn't really gasohol (10% ethanol) here in Central Ohio. And it's no wonder because found this statement from the Ohio fuel tax laws: "Dealers are refunded 10 cents per gallon of each qualified fuel (ethanol or methanol) blended with unleaded gasoline."


I have a friend who bought a small Ford Ranger pick-up truck about 10 years ago which could also burn E85 fuel ("85% denatured fuel ethanol and gasoline"). This fuel was much cheaper than gas but you could/can hardly find it anywhere. Don't believe E85 fuel ever became popular like they thought it would. Has a lot less power than regular gas, or 10% ethanol gasohol.


And now they may propose to sell E15 which is 15% ethanol. According to the below link only cars made after 2007 can burn it and more expensive to use/make. Probably won't take off any more than E85 did in my opinion.



Wow, is Kerosene high and they always jack up the price when it gets cold. Paid $3.60/gal + $.28 state tax for a total of $3.88/gal. It cost $27.16 for 7 gals. Have no idea why they can't add the State tax in at the pump but you always have to pay inside where it's added to the total.


I only burn my kero heater in the basement when we reach near single digit temps. Almost have to since wood stove doesn't put any heat down there. Too many water pipes plus work a lot down there. Really wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper to run a power sucking electric heater down there? Bet it wouldn't put out as much heat but it may be cheaper than 1 1/2 gals kero per 24 hours ($5.82). I do let the heater go out but it puts a lot of fuel stink when it goes out.


Kind of reminds me of sitting still on a jet plane and you get a strong whiff of kerosene. Kero is one of the main ingredients in jet fuels. If they raise the price of kero in the winter/cold weather wonder if this isn't adding to the current high costs of air travel, besides being typically high during the holidays?




Every time I see this fuel thread it reminds me when I worked at a local gas station near where I lived. I was 16 in 1966 and gas was 26 cents per gallon. Unbelievable. :smileysad:



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