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Re: Let's Talk About the Weather - The New Temp Thread
[ Edited ] pop was an MD and I learned from him many years ago that hydrogen peroxide is worthless as a disinfectant.  Good old rubbing alcohol is probably the most easily used and effective thing to use on a wound....and then protect it with a sterile bandaid or something similar.  Yep....the alcohol stings a bit.....big deal.  Better than an infection.


We finally broke the 20 degree barrier early this morning.  Had a low of 19.5 degrees on the north side of the house.  The sky cleared off after midnight and it got colder quickly.  Right now...11:16 is only 28.9 deg.    We've had no snow yet.  I, for one, don't miss it although I know it is important source of subsoil water for next spring's growing season.  Just don't like shoveling and can't justify expense of a snow blower.  We have a small electric one.  That was a waste of money.  Good old, push shovel is faster.


Someone sent me a power point presentation of snow in Russia. Geeeezzz!  If I knew how to stick it on here I would.  Why anyone would want to live the the northern parts of that country is completely beyond me.


On one notable occasion....just as the space shuttle was about to lift U.S. astronaut turned to the one in the seat next to him and commented, "And just're sitting on top of $100 million worth of parts manufactured by the lowest bidder." A real confidence builder, eh?
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