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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #232

hpmsrm wrote:

Oh boy!  Near disaster here tonight.  I accidentally tipped over a glass about 2/3 full of orange juice.  It went all over the top of the end table and then ran off onto my Dell laptop's keyboard.  I immediately grabbed towels and then my computer and rushed to the kitchen....turned it upside down over the sink and dumped all the juice I could...then used paper towels dampened with water.  It's hard getting between the keys.  Fortunately Dell has a cover under the keys so I don't think any juice got into the guts of the PC.  It's all dried out now and everything seems to be working smoothly.   Maybe I got lucky this time. My wife cleaned off the end table while I was taking care of the laptop.


My son persuaded me to give Google Chrome another try.  So I installed it.  I'm getting along with it better this time than on previous attempts.  I admit it is a bit faster than FF but I still think I prefer FF.  A couple of little things sway me that direction.  One has to do with my long list of Bookmarks.  With FF when I return to the Bookmark list it goes back to the previous spot.  But chrome always takes me way back to the top of the list and I have to scroll down to return to my previous spot.  Not a big thing....but significant to me. I had some problem figuring out how to import my bookmark list from FF over to Chrome. But I was successful so no problem there.  I'm still alternating back and forth between them.  Don't know which way I'll go in the end.  Maybe I'll just leave them both on here permanently.  I'm using Chrome right now.  There is a beta version of Ad-Blocker Plus available for Chrome and I've got it installed.


One of our U-verse remote units is giving me trouble.  The most used buttons like, for example the volume, are acting up.  Very difficult to make it work.  I've tried to figure out a way into the guts to spray some contact cleaner in there but I haven't been successful.  Anyone know who we are supposed to call to get a new remote?  (NO I didn't spill orange juice on it.):smileywink:


OK.....time to hit the sack.  Had a very busy day Saturday but hopefully today will be more relaxed.  Just hope we don't get any severe storms here.

Does mommy need to get little Phil a tippy-cup? :smileywink::smileylol:



For the remote, if you can get it open, there will be a printed circuit board with bare traces that align with the individual buttons. A white ink eraser (not an old dried up one) works very well at cleaning those bare circuit traces. For the button membrane, under each button is a little disc of conductive material (some type of graphite i think), A soft toothbrush and mild, fairly warm, dish soap solution works good for cleaning the under side of the button membrane. Get into all the button pockets around the discs and get the top side of the membrane as well.


As far as getting it open, there should be a small screw either in the battery compartment or under the label on back of the remote. Once the screw is out, you should be able to pop it open. You might have to used a small flat screwdriver to pry it open along the seam.



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