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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #232

hpmsrm wrote:

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.


Yeah....I just may be getting to that age when I'll need a tippy-cup.  Especially with so much techy stuff around the house.:smileyvery-happy:


I may try fixing the remote....just because I enjoy doing that sort of thing.  If I flop I can try ordering one.  I had found that little screw in the battery compartment and removed it but boy that sucker is tightly fitted together.  I'll try again and pry a little harder.  Hope I don't break it.


RE the keyboard of the laptop.......although I'm usually fairly adept at fixing stuff....the last time I tried opening up a laptop to get into its guts.....I had springs and screws flying all over the place.  Fortunately it was an old, outdated one.  I ended up just tossing it.


As for spilled orange time I'll make sure it has some "good stuff" in it.



I was gonna say, maybe it's not the age, but the vodka, that spilled the orange juice. :smileyvery-happy:



If your laptop is less than 8 or 10 years old, your in luck. Dell has instructions for disassembly on their website, just go to Dell support site and punch in your service tag and all the data for your particular laptop is right there. Dells are fairly easy because you can flip them over and all the screws are labeled, either with a little image of what the screws hold (like a keyboard), or they are numbered in the order of removal.


The keyboard is usually step 2 or 3 in the disassmebly order. Flip it over, remove the screws for the keyboard, flip it upright again, remove the upper keyboard bezel (piece of plastic between the keyboard and the hinge) which usually just prys off (caefully), there should be another screw or two under the bezel for the keyboard. Once all the screws are out, the keyboard lifts right out. Be careful though as there is a flat cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. The cable is actually a small printed circuit on thin, flexible plastic and when looking at the connection point you'll notice that it looks like the cable just slips into a small block. The block usually has a small piece of plastic that wedges the cable in tight, if you pull that small piece of plastic out from the block about 1 or 2 mm the cable should slip right out. There is no "connector" on the end of the cable itself, the block on the motherboard is the "connector".


Now for the fun part. Take the keyboard and stick it in the dishwasher bottom rack on it's edge and run a cycle. Do not use detergent, or "extra hot wash", or heated dry" cycles. When the cycle is complete, take the keyboard out, lay it in the midle of a large towel (beach towel), grab up the corners of the towel so the keyboard is slinged in the towel and swing it around for a few minutes to "cetrifuge" any left over water out of the keyboard. Then hit it with the warm setting on a blowdryer for ten minutes and you should be ready for re-assembly.



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