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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #232
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Dave, I had a post all ready to go but after that last photo of yours.......

well...I can't top that one.Smiley Face Clapping Hands.gif


I have removed Chrome from my laptop.  Causing too many problems.  I started getting strange messages.  For example "This add-on has stopped functioning an needs to be removed."  But nothing indicated WHICH add-on was being referred to.  Only had three installed.  Turned them all off and the message kept popping back up.  Drove me nuts.  THEN it started popping up when I was not even using when I was using my Paint Shop Pro photo editing app.   I also started getting blank screens when I'd go from one app to another, etc.   At first I thought, "oh boy, now I've been infected with a bug of some sort".  But I ran all my detection apps and nothing showed up.  Finally I used my Revo Uninstaller to completely remove Chrome and after that all my problems went away.  I have no idea what was causing them.  But I had a couple of other objections to little inconveniences in Chrome so I'm not going to miss it.  I'm back to my FireFox 11.0 and all is well.  The problem with that pop up message did not occur at first but rather it came on after about a week of using Chrome.   I do admit Chrome makes everything on the Internet happen a bit quicker than FF but not enough so to persuade me to put up with the other problems.  And so it goes........


I wanted to go to the barber shop on Tuesday.  But then my oldest son called and wanted me to drive him down to Tulsa, OK to pick up a car.  Barber shop closed on I bit my lip and went to the "Great Clips" shop where my wife goes.  I've always had bad results when I let a gal cut my hair.....ALWAYS.  But I really needed this cut because store personnel were starting to call security when they'd see me come in the door. I said....I bit my lip and went to the "Great Clips" shop.  "Long, medium or short?" she asked.  I replied, "medium". everyone thinks I've gone "skin head."  I need only a few tatoos, a leather jacket and a Harley and I'm all set to go.  WHEN am I gonna learn.  At least I'll save money because I'm not going to need another hair cut for about 6 months.Senior Motorcyclists.gifPuff of Smoke.gif

On one notable occasion....just as the space shuttle was about to lift U.S. astronaut turned to the one in the seat next to him and commented, "And just're sitting on top of $100 million worth of parts manufactured by the lowest bidder." A real confidence builder, eh?
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