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Re: Rotary Phone: how do I set up?

Thanks for the DialGizmo solution. It says it works with ATT U-Verse!


 I found http://www.oldphoneworks.com/pulse-to-tone-converter.html but it states:


"Testing has shown that this Pulse to Tone converter will NOT work with Magic Jack nor AT&T Uverse. Some Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions are powered through USB ports on a computer and this simply does not provide enough line power and ringing energy for vintage telephones (with or without the Pulse to Tone converter). The pulse to Tone convertor will work with many VOIP adapters that are specifically designed to power multiple telephone sets or provide a “whole house solution/service”.


It refers me to another product called the Rotatone converter, but it looks very complicated:



I'll let you know what happens. Some may wonder why in the world I even want to do this. It's an old family phone and I like the tactile feel of it and it is much easier to cradle on your shoulder than my cordless phone.